boundary dispute

You might get along well with your neighbors – that is, until your neighbor decides to build a fence and you believe the fence crosses your property line. You should get full use of your property, and a neighbor’s encroachment deprives you of a portion of your property. This is a common source of a neighbor dispute, and it is important that you consult with a real estate lawyer in Los Angeles County or Ventura County about your dispute.

How Can You Identify Boundary Lines?

Any neighbors just assume they know where the boundary of their property lies. However, you might need to determine the legal boundary line if your neighbor wants to build a structure that you think crosses onto your property.

Sometimes, you might be able to negotiate with your neighbor and agree where your property begins, and where theirs ends. If your neighbor refuses to back down, you should seek legal help. Your lawyer can send a cease and desist letter to your neighbor, asking them to stop encroaching on your land. This is often persuasive, as your neighbor might want to avoid further legal action from your lawyer.

If your neighbor is still refusing to comply with boundary lines, your attorney can file a lawsuit. They can present legal property descriptions, surveys of the land, and other records to determine the legal boundary of your property.

Contact a Real Estate Lawyer in Ventura County and Los Angeles County for Assistance

You don’t want to be involved in a constant disagreement with your neighbors. Instead, seek help from a California boundary dispute attorney who can resolve the matter as efficiently and amicably as possible. Call the Law Offices of Alan J. Carnegie, APC, at 877.261.4456 or contact us online to learn how we can help in your situation.