Are You Disagreeing with a Neighbor Over Property Lines?

boundary dispute

You might get along well with your neighbors – that is, until your neighbor decides to build a fence and you believe the fence crosses your property line. You should get full use of your property, and a neighbor’s encroachment deprives you of a portion of your property. This is a common source of a neighbor dispute, and it…

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What Damage Can Result from Tree Roots?

tree root damage

Trees offer shade and water filtration, are good for the environment, and help with curb appeal for our homes. However, what happens when a neighbor’s tree roots extend under your property? What kind of damage can your home sustain? Foundations When tree roots spread, they displace the soil, which can then become insufficient to support structures. When the soil…

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Options for Resolving Partnership Disputes

partnership disputes

Having business partners can be highly beneficial for many reasons, though there will likely come a time when two or more partners disagree on a matter. Some partnership disputes are short-lived and simple to resolve. On the other hand, some partners might refuse to come to an agreement about how to move forward, and it might put the entire…

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Reasons to Avoid Tree Topping

tree damage lawyer

Many homeowners hire crews to come in and drastically cut back large trees on their properties on a regular basis. The practice of removing large branches from trees is referred to as topping, and it can also be called stubbing or heading. No matter what the name, this practice is unnecessary and can even cause additional risks and damage….

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Force Majeure Clauses in Contracts

contract disputes

Before you sign a contract, it is important to negotiate certain key terms, including when it is possible to cancel the contract early or place it on hold. Many parties decide to include a force majeure provision, which allows parties to halt their obligations under an agreement due to acts of God or other major events. With the current…

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