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Should You Have Your Employees Sign NDAs

Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney

It seems that every employer these days is talking about NDAs and asking whether they are necessary. They get a variety of opinions that claim that they are not worth the paper that they are written on to you absolutely categorically must have them. The bottom line is, if your employees are in possession of confidential information or trade…

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Proving Design Malpractice after a Construction Project

Calabasas Construction Lawyer

New construction is not always smooth and hassle-free. Some clients will begin to experience problems as soon as the project is turned over, and they grow worse over time. The problem may have even been in the design of the project. This is where you can take legal action against the builder or architect for design malpractice. Was the…

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Removing a Mechanic’s Lien from Your Property in California

Mechanic's Lien

When a contractor or another construction professional files a mechanic’s lien on your property, it will prevent you from selling the property. This means it is important to address the matter and get the lien removed as soon as possible, and you should do so with the help of a California construction litigation attorney. Is the Lien Valid? California…

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Common Contract Breaches

Calabasas Business Litigation Lawyer

Signing a contract can be a source of security, as an agreement is memorialized in writing. When you sign, you are doing so in the hope that the agreement is honored, and if it is not, at least you have a contract to refer to when seeking relief for a breach. Knowing when you are entitled to damages for…

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What if There is a Tree on Your Property Line?

Calabasas Tree Damage Attorney

Often, you know whether a tree belongs to you or your neighbor, but what happens when the tree is clearly on the property line? In this case, you and your neighbor share ownership of the tree. You are responsible for the tree on your side, and your neighbor is responsible for the tree on their side. Neither one of…

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Common HOA Disputes

HOA disputes

Homeowner associations (HOAs) are in place in many complexes and communities to serve the greater good. These boards work to ensure that common areas are maintained, and property values stay where they should. However, HOAs can overstep their bounds or even violate California law, or homeowners might be uncooperative with valid HOA efforts. This can lead to HOA disputes,…

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Construction Delay Claims

Calabasas Construction Litigation Attorney

If you have a construction project, you know the importance of staying on schedule. However, if you have prior experience with construction projects, you also know there is a high chance that delays will occur. Delays can be costly, and it is important to understand your legal options if a delay results in losses to owners or liability to…

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Common Costs of Tree Root Damage

tree root damage

While you are likely most considered about maintaining your property above-ground, there is a lot of damage that can occur due to tree roots, including from your neighbor’s trees, underground. You might not notice this damage is occurring until it has progressed significantly, which can make the repairs even more costly. The following are some common costs of tree…

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Are Evictions Still On Hold in California?

Calabasas Landlord-Tenant Attorney

President Biden signed an executive order extending the federal halt on evictions through March.  In addition, in January 2021, California legislators extended the state eviction moratorium through June 30. Assembly members largely agreed that the extension was necessary to protect Californians and ensure that as many people as possible have roofs over their heads as pandemic-related financial struggles continue….

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Resolving Contract Disputes

Calabasas Business Litigation Lawyer

Almost every type of business owner will face a disagreement about a contract at some point. Contracts govern nearly every aspect of business, from initial operating and owner agreements to vendor and client contracts, and many more. Disputes regarding contracts can arise for many reasons, such as: The contract was improperly drafted with ambiguous terms One party did not…

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