Our firm is fully operational, working remotely from home using technology, with only essential staff rotating in the office. We are willing and able to help our clients with all of their construction and property law needs during this period of uncertainty. These are unprecedented times that require dedication and creative solutions for litigating and resolving disputes with little access to the courts. We are able to successfully navigate new filings, discovery, depositions, mediations and arbitrations as we await the opening of the courts.

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Real Estate Attorney

Dear Friends,We are so lucky to live in Southern California. I took the photo above in Tarzana at the top of Shirley Avenue – so beautiful. This view reminded me of a home I sold a few years ago when I was was able to help my clients find their dream home – a very cool mid-century home with…

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Options for Resolving Partnership Disputes

partnership disputes

Having business partners can be highly beneficial for many reasons, though there will likely come a time when two or more partners disagree on a matter. Some partnership disputes are short-lived and simple to resolve. On the other hand, some partners might refuse to come to an agreement about how to move forward, and it might put the entire…

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Force Majeure Clauses in Contracts

contract disputes

Before you sign a contract, it is important to negotiate certain key terms, including when it is possible to cancel the contract early or place it on hold. Many parties decide to include a force majeure provision, which allows parties to halt their obligations under an agreement due to acts of God or other major events. With the current…

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