Dear Friends,
We are so lucky to live in Southern California. I took the photo above in Tarzana at the top of Shirley Avenue – so beautiful.

This view reminded me of a home I sold a few years ago when I was was able to help my clients find their dream home – a very cool mid-century home with a pool and views of this breathtaking vista. Here is that client’s powerful testimonial:

Rock star agent. Jane is the best of the best. We met several years ago when I was window shopping for a home. Jane stayed in touch, tempted me with homes she felt had my vibe and sure enough, after a couple of years she nailed it. Jane found a gorgeous mid-century modern, nicely remodeled and updated but with the original floor plan and character. Did I mention the pool…and the views? Jane worked with my fiance and me on the purchase and then did an equally amazing job helping us sell our townhome. All within 60 days. Who does that? Jane’s strengths are her eye for quality, tenacity but with an easy going manner, a wry sense of humor and mad follow up skills. Let’s do it again, Jane!”

What makes this special is the person who wrote it; Alan Carnegie.

Alan is a real estate attorney with his own firm located in Calabasas. He is a truly a great person – not only extremely knowledgable about everything to do with real estate and construction, but also hilarious, a music lover and expert gardener. Check him out here and if you’d like a personal introduction, please let me know – picture of him below!

If you’re in need of real estate advice please reach out! I would love to help you and I’m always here to answer questions.