Both parties to a construction contract have rights and obligations. At some point during the construction process, and even afterward, there may be disputes between the parties. These disagreements can often head to court, but they can also be resolved without litigation. 

When the builder disagrees with the customer, it is almost always over money. The customer will have an obligation to pay on time at certain intervals. The most common disagreement is when the builder encounters certain conditions or delays and expects more money under the circumstances. The builder may also claim that the customer ordered a change for which they should pay extra, either implicitly or explicitly.

The customer will disagree with the builder over performance. The builder must complete the project on time according to the specifications of the contract. If not, the customer may seek to pay less – or nothing at all. The customer may even try to terminate the builder for default in more challenging circumstances when the builder fails to perform.

There are often disagreements in many construction contracts. The parties can often resolve disputes through the written language of the contract without the need for a lawsuit. They may engage a mediator to help them talk if they do not see eye to eye. Since a construction contract is a legal document, either party can file a lawsuit. However, it is rare for a case to go all the way to trial. Most construction disputes will settle at some point in time.

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