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Like every other construction disagreement, a dispute between contractors and subcontractors usually comes down to money and performance. Contractors may take issue with the subcontractor’s performance on the job, while the subcontractor may complain that they have not been paid by the contractor.

These disputes can delay the overall construction job. Dissatisfied subcontractors may walk off the job, leaving the contractor to scramble to find a replacement. At the same time, a contractor may not want to pay for the work that the subcontractor did if they notice any defects. In some cases, defective work by a subcontractor could lead to a teardown and expensive repairs.

The contractor has overall responsibility at the worksite. They must inspect the subcontractor’s work and order them to fix any defects. The contractor cannot turn over a project to a customer that does not meet specifications. Otherwise, it is the contractor who may be sued. It is the contractor’s reputation on the line, although it does not give them a blank check to deal with subcontractors as they choose. The written contract between the two governs the relationship.

It is essential for contractors and subcontractors to be able to negotiate disputes. If there is a contract, and the subcontractor walks off the job, they could be liable for breach of contract without an adequate reason. The contractor may also be liable to the customer for delays if the subcontractor stops working. If there are any disagreements, each side should hire an attorney to help work out a resolution to the dispute. It is always better to talk and compromise than to litigate.

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