Calabasas Business Litigation Lawyer

Almost every type of business owner will face a disagreement about a contract at some point. Contracts govern nearly every aspect of business, from initial operating and owner agreements to vendor and client contracts, and many more. Disputes regarding contracts can arise for many reasons, such as:

  • The contract was improperly drafted with ambiguous terms
  • One party did not understand their obligations or rights under the agreement
  • One party could not or refused to fulfill its obligations

No matter why a dispute might come up, it is imperative that company owners resolve the matter as efficiently as possible.


When you realize there is a disagreement or default regarding a contract, you should not wait to contact a Calabasa business litigation attorney. We can review the situation and negotiate with the other party or parties to see if we can reach an agreeable solution that protects your company’s interests.

ADR and Litigation

If informal negotiation does result in a settlement, we will determine whether the contract requires you to engage in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as mediation or arbitration. Such requirements are common in business contracts to prevent litigation. If so, we will represent your company during the ADR process.

In some situations, a contract dispute leads to civil litigation, and you might need to bring a lawsuit for breach of contract or defend against one filed by another party. In either situation, you need a highly experienced business litigator on your side.

Consult with a Calabasas Business Litigation Lawyer

The Law Offices of Alan J. Carnegie, APC, knows how to resolve contract disputes in the manner that best prevents liability or losses for your company. Never face a contract dispute without legal counsel and representation you can trust. Contact us online or call 877.261.4456 for a consultation to discuss your concerns today.