title disputes

Title disputes can cause significant difficulty for owners and buyers of land. The hope is that a title search comes back clean, but it often does not. Here are some common title disputes between parties to a real estate transaction.

Unknown Liens

A prior owner of the land may have owed someone money in connection with the land. The IRS can put a lien on a property for unpaid taxes. Even the water company can slap a lien on real estate if the bills have not been paid. These liens will pass with the real estate if they are not resolved prior to the transaction, meaning that you may not have an unfettered ownership interest.

Undiscovered Easements

As the owner of the land, you may not have the exclusive use of it to yourself. Someone else may have a right to use it for a specified purpose. Some easements are appurtenant to the land, meaning that they survive when there is a new owner. Even though you have full ownership of the land, sharing the use of it can lower your property value.

Boundary Lines

There may be disputes with neighbors over the boundary lines between your and their property. They may be encroaching onto your property. There may be a dispute over the exact location of the line between the two properties. In this case, you may need to bring a quiet title action to have the court resolve the dispute over the property ownership.

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