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What Happens When a Contractor Does Not Get Paid?

construction law

A contractor works with the customer on the basis of a written contract. The contractor has an obligation to complete the project according to the specifications in the agreement and building standards. The customer must pay them as the contract dictates. The contractor’s remedies for nonpayment depend on when it occurs. If the contractor has completed the job, they…

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Disagreements Over Construction Contracts

Both parties to a construction contract have rights and obligations. At some point during the construction process, and even afterward, there may be disputes between the parties. These disagreements can often head to court, but they can also be resolved without litigation.  When the builder disagrees with the customer, it is almost always over money. The customer will have…

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Ways to Resolve Partnership Disputes

partnership dispute

Business partnerships require people to work together for a common interest. Each partner may have their own view of what is best for either the business or their own personal interest. Partnership disputes can be dangerous because they can mean liability and perhaps even the end of the business. When you are involved in a partnership dispute, the first…

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Contractor and Subcontractor Disputes

Los Angeles Construction Law

Like every other construction disagreement, a dispute between contractors and subcontractors usually comes down to money and performance. Contractors may take issue with the subcontractor’s performance on the job, while the subcontractor may complain that they have not been paid by the contractor. These disputes can delay the overall construction job. Dissatisfied subcontractors may walk off the job, leaving…

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Common Neighbor Disputes Over Tree Roots

Los Angeles Tree Root Attorney

Tree roots are not always confined to one property. They often spread beneath the surface onto an adjoining neighbor’s property. In some cases, the tree roots may cause serious damage to structures on someone else’s property. Not every root that encroaches onto someone else’s property must be cut. One owner does have the legal right to seek injunctive relief,…

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Common Construction Disputes

Construction Disputes

Construction of any structure is a complex process that is often subject to changes in conditions along the way. Construction is also strictly governed by a contract between the two parties. If one party is not following the contract, there may be possible litigation. Here are some reasons for construction disputes. One of the main grounds for complaint is…

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Overview of Mechanics Liens

mechanics liens

A mechanic’s lien is a cloud on a property’s title. When a contractor or other supplier is not paid, they have the legal right to place a lien on the property. The mechanic’s lien is a right that the contractor has, in addition to the right to sue the non-paying party for breach of contract. A mechanic’s lien would…

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Common Title Disputes

title disputes

Title disputes can cause significant difficulty for owners and buyers of land. The hope is that a title search comes back clean, but it often does not. Here are some common title disputes between parties to a real estate transaction. Unknown Liens A prior owner of the land may have owed someone money in connection with the land. The…

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Addressing Common Title Disputes

Los Angeles Real Estate Litigation Attorney

When you purchase real estate, you expect to get the full benefit of the bargain for what you have purchased. In other words, you expect the title to be free and clear of any claims. In some cases, you may find out before or after closing that someone is claiming use or ownership of some or all of the…

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Common Franchise Disputes

Calabasas Business Attorney

Franchise relationships can be lucrative for everyone involved – that is, as long as the agreement is airtight and favorable to both parties. However, franchise disputes do arise, and they can be costly in many ways. If you have a franchise dispute, reach out to a Calabasas business lawyer for assistance as soon as possible. Franchise Agreement Disputes The…

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