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Signing a contract can be a source of security, as an agreement is memorialized in writing. When you sign, you are doing so in the hope that the agreement is honored, and if it is not, at least you have a contract to refer to when seeking relief for a breach. Knowing when you are entitled to damages for a breach of contract can be complicated, but a Calabasas business litigation attorney can evaluate your options.

Below are some common forms of contract breach, which we will explore here. If you think you have a breach of contract claim, discuss your situation with our firm today.

Failure to Perform

Did you contract with a company to supply you with a custom birdhouse for your front lawn that is an exact, small-scale replica of your home, but you never got a birdhouse at all? You have been the victim of a failure to perform breach, and you are generally entitled to receive back the amount you have paid, in addition to potential reliance damages if appropriate.

Incomplete Performance

If you contracted for the same custom-built birdhouse and received a birdhouse, but it was missing a hole for the bird and there was no roof, you have experienced a breach known as incomplete performance. Damages here might be the cost of finishing the job, or if it is not usable as intended, you may likely be entitled to return for a full refund.

Non-Compliant Performance

If you’ve received a completed birdhouse, but it matches your neighbor’s house and not yours, you have experienced a breach for non-compliant performance, and you may reject the product and require a full refund, or if you like it, can also buy it.

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