Calabasas Tree Damage Attorney

Often, you know whether a tree belongs to you or your neighbor, but what happens when the tree is clearly on the property line? In this case, you and your neighbor share ownership of the tree. You are responsible for the tree on your side, and your neighbor is responsible for the tree on their side. Neither one of you can remove the tree without the consent of the other person.

What if the tree has overhanging branches that are causing roof damage or roots that are causing sewer line or foundation damage? If the tree is dangerous, you can trim the branches or remove roots on your side of the property line. You should ensure you are doing the right thing, however, as any permanent damage to the entire tree will become your responsibility in this situation. If a neighbor complains, you might owe them losses for destroying a healthy tree (or vice versa).

If your neighbor has unhealthy or dangerous branches on their side of the property line, but they refuse to remove them, they can be liable if a branch falls due to disease and damages your house.

Shared trees present highly complex legal issues if part of the tree damages property. You want to consult with an experienced Calabasa tree damage lawyer about the tree, possibly long before it causes any issues.

Consult with a Calabasas Tree Damage Attorney

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