Calabasas Construction Litigation Attorney

If you have a construction project, you know the importance of staying on schedule. However, if you have prior experience with construction projects, you also know there is a high chance that delays will occur. Delays can be costly, and it is important to understand your legal options if a delay results in losses to owners or liability to contractors or subcontractors.

The Construction Contract

The best thing to do is work to prevent delays and protect your rights by having a well-drafted construction contract in place from the start of the project. It is always wise to have your contract drafted – or at least reviewed – by an experienced construction attorney.

The contract should set out remedies for delays, as well as which types of delays are considered to be excusable. When a dispute arises over a delay, you should first turn to the contract to determine your next steps for legal relief.

Seeking Legal Assistance

Some delay-related disputes escalate to filing a claim in civil court for damages or other remedies. If you cannot resolve your dispute through out-of-court negotiations, mediation, or other dispute resolution methods, you want the right lawyer to pursue your claim in court.

Construction claims involve highly complex laws, contract principles, and other issues. Some delays might be compensable, while others might be excusable. In some situations, the owner deserves compensation for delays, and, in others, the contractor deserves to recover. You want to discuss your construction delay concerns and how to recover with a skilled Calabasa construction litigation lawyer right away.

Contact a Calabasas Construction Litigation Attorney for Help

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