HOA disputes

Homeowner associations (HOAs) are in place in many complexes and communities to serve the greater good. These boards work to ensure that common areas are maintained, and property values stay where they should. However, HOAs can overstep their bounds or even violate California law, or homeowners might be uncooperative with valid HOA efforts. This can lead to HOA disputes, which should be resolved as quickly as possible.

Some of the most common disputes involve:

  • Rule violations
  • Covenant enforcement problems
  • Unpaid dues
  • Failure to keep up common areas
  • Election challenges
  • Denial of homeowner improvement plans
  • Discrimination
  • Challenging board actions

Whether a homeowner has a problem with the board, or the board has a problem with a homeowner, the conflict can be costly if it is not handled properly.

Either side of the dispute should contact an HOA attorney who can review the situation. An attorney can help to negotiate a solution that works for both parties, which is successful in many cases. If informal negotiations do not work, the parties can attend mediation or arbitration to resolve the matter out of court. It is critical to still have legal representation during any alternative dispute resolution attempts.

In rare cases, the HOA or a homeowner will file a lawsuit against the other party. Then, you want a real estate attorney who knows how to litigate a matter in court. This is true whether you are bringing the lawsuit or defending against claims.

Consult with a Calabasas Real Estate Attorney

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